Every week we chose one prospect and provide a free proof-of-concept of baangt test automation software and solutions for a specific use-case.

What does the POC cover?

  • One complete business process automated End-2-End using baangt (WEB, API or SOAP)
  • Test data generated with baangt TestDataGenerator or imported from customers sources (e.g. SQL-Database, API, Excel/CSV)
  • Custom enhancements for TDG/baangt (if needed)
  • Standard analytics and reporting
  • Configuration of notification services (e.g. MS Teams, E-Mail, Slack, etc.) (if applicable)
  • Delivery of docker container and stand-alone baangt installation via private GIT repository and full source code, ready to be built upon for further processes.

Interested? Apply for the free POC now!

  • Describe your current test automation strategy and implementation
  • Describe your application and test automation need of the process you want to be included in the POC
  • Describe pain points in the current process – let us know, where you need relief
  • Be sure to provide contact data of a English speaking contact person in your organization, who will be our main contact partner during the POC.

Send the mail now!

We chose the free POC each week from a list of interesting automation requirements submitted by parties all over the world. By submitting the details about your test automation needs via E-Mail you do not gain any legal rights or entitlements.

What happens after the Mail?

In case your submission is chosen for a free POC we’ll contact you to discuss further details like the timeline and a first automation concept approach, how baangt could be used in your scenario. We’ll take it from there step-by-step, completely tailored to your specific needs. Before we start to work you’ll need to sign an NDA and most probably you’ll also want us to sign one.

What if my project is not chosen?

If your test automation project doesn’t make it to receive a free POC, it could still be something we can help with, either directly support your needs or provide training or support for you or your employees.